The Big “C”

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I was at a party over the weekend and was sitting in a group of people, one was an oncologist and the other a surgeon. After the two traded stories about how much they hate the practice of medicine, the oncologist said, “You know, we aren’t REALLY helping these people. There’s no hope for most of them because the cancer will be back in 5 years.”   That’s right, he said it!

If you are like me and have lost loved-ones to cancer, the above photo stirs the emotions. 40% of Americans will receive a Cancer diagnosis in their lifetime yet when we hear this statistic we think, “It won’t be me.” This is why I have received a WEEKLY ADJUSTMENT for 25 years now. When people ask why my family and I get adjusted the answer is simple…”TO KEEP MY BODY, SPECIFICALLY MY IMMUNE SYSTEM FIGHTING STRONG.”


In a hallmark study, Ronald Pero, Ph.D. Chief of Cancer Prevention Research at New York University found that people under regular chiropractic care had approximately 200% stronger immune systems than the average American.


There IS A Cure For Cancer…Don’t Get It!



Victory Over Menopause

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Eventually, all women go through a process called menopause. Usually at around age 50, this sometimes-unpleasant process begins.  However, some women are experiencing menopause in their 30’s and commonly in their 40’s.   Symptoms can include hot flashes; night sweats and increased irritability, poor sleep and more.  In addition, this process can wreak havoc on relationships and overall quality of life.

Two major hormones associated directly with the female reproductive cycle are estrogen and progesterone.  These two hormones are drastically reduced during menopause and are responsible for the majority of suffering.

Estrogen and progesterone are stimulated by the anterior pituitary gland, which is controlled by the hypothalamus portion of your brain.  The hypothalamus is often referred to as the master control of your body  because it regulates and controls many functions of the body.  The hypothalamus receives its information from the nervous system that is housed within your spine.  The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) regulate all the critical, delicate functions of your body such as emotions, sexual desire, thirst and hunger, body temperature, and sleep patterns.

 The spine, when under stress, alters the normal function of the nerves that control the levels of estrogen and progesterone.  Misaligned vertebrae called SUBLUXATIONS are the primary cause of nerve system stress.  The spine, when under stress, can obstruct the signals that are sent through the nerves and alter the levels of estrogen and progesterone.  For this reason it is imperative that someone experiencing menopause have a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation.  Once the cause of the nerve system interference is located, a scientifically applied chiropractic adjustment can drastically ease the suffering caused by menopause.


Help With Anxiety and Depression

Everyone wants to be healthy, but sometimes things get in the way and you need a little help to get by.

When someone is diagnosed with depression and anxiety normally their first thought is to get medicated, which is one route to take.  Another route is chiropractic care.

The use of benzodiazepines, like Xanax and Valium, are classes of medication with sedative properties are prescribed for insomnia, anxiety and other conditions. The dark reality is that with these types of prescriptions are over 30% of the prescription drug overdose death causes. The medicine thickens the inner and middle layers of the arteries, particularly affecting the carotid arteries, which feed the blood to your brain. For men, the risk of heart disease rises once you start taking antidepressants

A recent study with 15 participants, all that had a history of depression, was diagnosed with an upper cervical misalignment. All patients were provided with a questionnaire prior and then two weeks into chiropractic care. 73% of participants scored a marked improvement with their questionnaire, with only 13% showing only slight improvement.

In conclusion, if your first, second or third vertebrae become misaligned they put pressure on the normal production of brain chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine. As a result, serotonin levels can lower, causing a shift in your mood and actions. Getting regular alignments at your chiropractor may help!

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Groundless Fears

This blog is different. Instead of posting every day or even weekly, I ONLY post when I have come across something that is of substantial benefit to you. Here’s one that I believe is.

We all have felt the bondage of fear. Some of you may be dealing with it now. Below you will find a few words by the Roman Stoic Philosopher Seneca. I have yet to read anything that addresses fear better. These words were taken from Letter #13: On Groundless Fears.

“There are more things likely to frighten us than to crush us. We suffer more often from imagination than reality.”

“Some things torment us more than they ought, some torment us before they ought and others torment us when they ought not to torment us at all.”

“How often has the expected never come to pass? Oftentimes we are frightened by uncertainties as if they are certain. So look forward to better things.”

Have a great week!

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High Blood Pressure




“My name is John. I’ve been on high blood pressure pills for over 10 years now. There has been no change.  In fact, there has been an increase until I started taking chiropractic practices and have diminished some of my meds. I have found now that my range of blood pressure is acceptable which is good after 10 years of looking for help here, there and everywhere!”

Mention this e-mail and receive a NO CHARGE consultation to discuss your health history with the doctor. 

Consultation includes computerized thermal scan.


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Looking old?

Slowing the aging process is NOT a mystery…there is HARD SCIENCE behind it!  There are PROVABLE ways to look younger, reduce COLLAGEN destruction and lengthen you TELOMERES.  Stop looking older than you are!

Anti-Aging Workshop

Wednesday May 11th 6:30 PM

5644 Tavilla Cir. Ste 104 (in The Strand)

Registration is FREE with RSVP 239-325-8226

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Aging Badly?

For years our patients have been telling us that they have more energy, slump over less and look less tired as a result of receiving SPECIFIC chiropractic adjustments.

New cutting edge research explains why chiropractic care SLOWS AGING. Here’s how it works….studies show that adjustments LOWER catecholomine levels which slows aging. Catecholomines speed-up the destruction of cell decay and a chiropractic adjustments help to BLOCK the aging process.

If you haven’t had a specific chiropractic adjustment lately, it will put your body at ease, improve posture, clear your mind and slow aging!

Health is not just how you FEEL but also how you LOOK!

Cheese Consumption CAUSES People to Die in Their Sleep

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By the looks of this graph you may come to the conclusion that cheese is causing people to suffocate in their bed sheets. This is the same “slight of hand” the pharmaceutical industry uses to sell you drugs with little to no effectiveness. Researchers use a matrix called “Patients Needed to Treat” or NNT. NNT is the number of patients who must be treated with a drug before ONE person reaps the benefit. For example, the NNT for statin drugs is 250! Research found (link below) that taking statin drugs daily for 5 YEARS produces only a 1.6% chance of avoiding a heart attack. Bottom line, high cholesterol is not correlated with heart attacks any more than cheese is correlated with suffocation in bed!

Statin drugs DO LOWER cholesterol BUT do NOT result in any significant drop in heart attack or stroke. This is why even the New England Journal of Medicine has stated that high cholesterol is not a precursor to a future heart event. Deception and POOR RESULTS like these are why 2 MILLION PEOPLE DAILY are turning to regular chiropractic care to promote health.  If you have never had a SPECIFIC chiropractic adjustment, it clears the mind, sets the body at ease and is a great health insurance policy.


“The truth is no important that many times it is protected by a band of lies.”

                                                                                                                                       – Winston Churchill

Autism in the Eyes

When I first meet a child diagnosed with autism whose parents bring him to me to see how chiropractic care can help, I always look to the eyes first.
Invariably, the child has moderate to extreme difficultly focusing. With the constant eye movement also comes circular motions of the head and a generalized incoordination of motor function. The child is disconnected from themselves and their environment and doing their very best to make sense of their universe. After we have conducted our initial neurological testing and deliver the first specific adjustment, I tell the parents what to expect. 90% of the time the child will take a long nap or sleep for a prolonged period throughout the night. They will usually be much more calm and relaxed as well.
I also tell them to pay close attention to the eyes.  The eyes truly are windows to the soul. We begin to see in those distant, unfocused eyes the awakening of that soul. Or, more appropriately termed, the unveiling or immersion of it as the child begins to become more fully integrated into his environment.

His light was dim and in a week a spark was lit.
His face lacked the normal vibrancy of youth and today I saw it restored.
What was once a slumped, depressed version was now the grinning, shining spirit I always knew was there.
Yes, the eyes tell us much, and mine witnessed something beautiful today.