Autism in the Eyes

When I first meet a child diagnosed with autism whose parents bring him to me to see how chiropractic care can help, I always look to the eyes first.
Invariably, the child has moderate to extreme difficultly focusing. With the constant eye movement also comes circular motions of the head and a generalized incoordination of motor function. The child is disconnected from themselves and their environment and doing their very best to make sense of their universe. After we have conducted our initial neurological testing and deliver the first specific adjustment, I tell the parents what to expect. 90% of the time the child will take a long nap or sleep for a prolonged period throughout the night. They will usually be much more calm and relaxed as well.
I also tell them to pay close attention to the eyes.  The eyes truly are windows to the soul. We begin to see in those distant, unfocused eyes the awakening of that soul. Or, more appropriately termed, the unveiling or immersion of it as the child begins to become more fully integrated into his environment.

His light was dim and in a week a spark was lit.
His face lacked the normal vibrancy of youth and today I saw it restored.
What was once a slumped, depressed version was now the grinning, shining spirit I always knew was there.
Yes, the eyes tell us much, and mine witnessed something beautiful today.

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