The Big “C”

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I was at a party over the weekend and was sitting in a group of people, one was an oncologist and the other a surgeon. After the two traded stories about how much they hate the practice of medicine, the oncologist said, “You know, we aren’t REALLY helping these people. There’s no hope for most of them because the cancer will be back in 5 years.”   That’s right, he said it!

If you are like me and have lost loved-ones to cancer, the above photo stirs the emotions. 40% of Americans will receive a Cancer diagnosis in their lifetime yet when we hear this statistic we think, “It won’t be me.” This is why I have received a WEEKLY ADJUSTMENT for 25 years now. When people ask why my family and I get adjusted the answer is simple…”TO KEEP MY BODY, SPECIFICALLY MY IMMUNE SYSTEM FIGHTING STRONG.”


In a hallmark study, Ronald Pero, Ph.D. Chief of Cancer Prevention Research at New York University found that people under regular chiropractic care had approximately 200% stronger immune systems than the average American.


There IS A Cure For Cancer…Don’t Get It!



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