This is VERY unpopular, but……

I am sure to receive backlash from this but, here it goes anyway….we will NEVER see a cure for cancer.  Think about it, is there a cure for diabetes? Nope. Alzheimers?  Nope.  HIV?  Nope.  MS?  Nope.  We can’t even cure the common cold!  And here’s the rub…put 100 of the smartest scientist into a lab together with all the most advanced ingredients and they will be unable to make the basic unit of life…the CELL.

The only CURE for cancer or anything else for that matter is to not-get-it-in-the-first-place.  Prevention IS the cure.  Prevention IS the cure.  Did I happen to mention, prevention IS the cure.  Optimizing your body’s functioning BEFORE disease manifests is where it’s at!  Seek out the tools that are most valid at raising the level of HEALING your the body and do them for the rest of your life.



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