The Best of the Best

Ok, here it is…keep in mind this is just MY OPINION on what I feel are the best products, restaurants, churches and services around.

1. My favorite new product is the folding credit card knife. It slides into your wallet no thicker than a credit card. It even got past TSA and the x-ray unit (on accident)!

2.  This church rocks…take it from someone who has tried MANY churches.

3.  Cafe’ Alfredo in The Galleria in Naples…we’re talking Italian food made by a real Italian.  In college I worked for a couple who owned an authentic Italian restaurant and trust me, this is AUTHENTIC.  Typically people think about going out to dinner on the weekends, but why not spice things up and enjoy yourself on Monday!  The best part is that dinner is 100% our treat!

Friends and Family Dinner

Monday July 10th @ 6:30 PM

Cafe’ Alfredo (in The Galleria)

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 5.57.49 PM

Come alone or grab a friend and help rescue yourself or someone you care about from a life half-lived.  While the food is being prepared Dr. Shane Walker host of The Wellness Hour on 92.5 Fox news will share how to break through from mediocre living.  This is a PRIVATE DINNER for his patients and guests but is opening-up 10 seats for non-members of the practice.  Click the link below to register and enjoy dinner with us!

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