Hunched and FATIGUED

You’ve seen these people at the store, at work or even in your own mirror…the person starting to develop that HUNCHBACK with rounded shoulders.  In addition to poor posture and an awkward appearance, there is another common denominator, FATIGUE.

When the spine is hunched, it puts significant pressure on the spinal nerves that supply energy to the lungs.  When these nerves are obstructed by misaligned vertebrae, less energy is getting from the brain to the lungs, and as a result there is less oxygen flowing throughout your body.  In addition, when our spine is hunched we breathe shallowly and therefore take in less oxygen which can be used for energy.

The good news is research is showing that specific chiropractic care can reverse this hunching and not only improve appearance but increase energy levels dramatically.  A proper postural analysis, computerized infared thermography and digital x-rays are all tools available to analyze the spine and help direct customized correction.

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